jesse lee (boisyrprize) wrote,
jesse lee

Your Diverted Path

Over as in beyond, how does that apply to relationships?

Do you ever really move beyond someone or do you just divert paths...what was once side by side becomes deviating trails - each to create a singular path between different trees, around and back under the same sun.

Or no - since apart, a-p-a-r-t, means "not whole" or unhinge...what does it mean really?

A consious choice to not have daily contact, to not elevate anothers existence into the forefront of awareness - what about emotions?

Just a pool of collected raindrops ever falling from the storm of connectivity.

Do we ever really come clean away?

Impressions are always made; lives touch lives and we are never the same but always the same two-fold.

GROWTH...a journey, a search for self, solid always appealing. So many endings - so much letting go, how loss brings gains has become clear; I am just tired of the struggle of finding comfort and releasing it back.

But hanging on tight is not an option either.

I cannot "contain" another, only offer temporary shelter, momentary safety - each has their own plight for sanctuary, their own search for what fits inside the breath and bones of a singular soul.

I offered an anchor, but the waters were cloudy, unsettled - self counldn't see self - the imagery aside; new lands awaited discovery and it is a solo venture.
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