jesse lee (boisyrprize) wrote,
jesse lee

many things

landing off the places I have been before
new ground to move across
peaceful, inner self solidarity in unfoldable measure
a full embrace; stories told, nothing for loss

piercing and immediately poignant
a natural flow moving, pulling like taffy,
forming, expanding, sticking to me
an adhesive of tangible, forceful and immediate gravity

the attraction dripped off my senses,
hesitation erased, quickly replaced by truths teetering in my thoughts
then words spilling off my lips
wanting to be caught up to the boldness resting between us 

                              surely as your hands made contact, my sensations tumbled.


                  don’t let it end here.

I couldn’t let it end there
I wasn’t about to even pause
your questions, my anomalous self-disclosure
excited calm, open connections made no flaws

syncing skin beautiful touch
desire clenching my throat and chest
your affect heavy and thick like purple,
my response strong and fluid like press.
Tags: brooklyn
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