jesse lee (boisyrprize) wrote,
jesse lee

many more things

many more things

skin delivered, smooth terrain for
hungry hands, thirsty eyes
drinking blue framed by dark, looking in,
looking beyond

knowing comfort, giving comfort,
coming back around
each turn, each yield
each second guess of wonder

did you know of the hope to come
connection sealed into bodies reaching
arching one over another and i
found comfort in the pause between us

i found sanctuary in providing it,
in limbs relaxing into others, in the skin we shared,
the skin we marked, owned and left black, blue and yellow
each day fading from the past yet refreshed anew

energy held, fleeting at times, yet consistent
i was consistent.
hungry approached, solid and unwavering in my own self knowledge
the clear lines of my heart, mind and body remained intact
remained unperforated yet permeated and open to them
Tags: brooklyn
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