jesse lee (boisyrprize) wrote,
jesse lee

all the things

so many places on your body; all the places infinite discovery
hands over scars, mouth giving the essence of senses absorbed,
every sense and heart pull,
          pulling me
              pulling me in

flickers of awkward insecurity offered; a flush on the table without any bet or call,
raw and real; contained and centered
vulnerability offered like winter salt water meeting bare skin
open and coated with radical honesty is the place we find each other

finding, learning, soaking in your layers,
skin, muscles, hands exploring
nourish bodies, souls and feeling…filling and offering collective warmth
giving is…filling

chests touching, legs swarming around peaceful silence
body intimate knowledge seems sacred
I want to find you over and over and over

my senses meet and quiet
as your kisses sing a melody my body can only dance to
and for some reason I know, I know there is room here
        for all
              for all the things

(december 2012)
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