jesse lee (boisyrprize) wrote,
jesse lee

flights home.

pulled back into a potpourri of shifting memories
countering movement towards forgiveness
trust is the wavering unsettled ground of a new tree planted
dirt fluffy and easily disturbed, but new and fresh deep forest fertile

my heart often catches in my throat
like seedlings pushing up; searching for light and moisture
I hear words growing in my mind
each time you tend to my roots and stroke my leaves

opening, opening in warm summer dew,
looking, looking for an abundant season with you
hoping each new light brings vibrant depth
reaching out to touch each branch left

seasons blend as each comes to an end,
unknown is always qualified to outcomes
lost boys can sometimes be found, but change runs deep,
this is the rhythm that slow moving ever-shifting tides reap

wanderlust brings in other shadows of color and gray,
is the search ever really over
or are we just taught that over is like forever?
did you see the screen shift and the next scene get set –
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